Welcome to howtoheal.org blog

Welcome.  I am new at blogging and learning how to do it.  Hoping I can communicate with anyone who views my site and has questions about healing or anything else.  Thank you, Doug Waite


11 thoughts on “Welcome to howtoheal.org blog

  1. I am hoping someone will read this and blog with me. Keith mentioned that I should be posting things here on a regular basis. This week I was walking my dogs in the neighborhood and I saw one of my older neighbors leaning against the tailgate of his truck in obvious distress. I asked him if he was OK. He explained he had bad arthritis in his back. I simply asked him if I could say a pray for him. He agreed. I asked Jesus to heal his back. He thanked me and said I had made his morning. How easy this is to do as we go through our daily lives. Sometimes the results are instantaneous.


  2. One time I bought a used Mustang from a Vietnamese young man on his way back to Vietnam. As we were together at the bank, he told me his back hurt. I asked if I could pray for the Lord to heal it. He said OK. I prayed a simple pray. He told me the pain left with his eyes very wide. I told him that was Jesus who loved him, was still alive and wanted to give him that present. I hope later that simple prayer and healing brought that young man to Christ. How easy is that to do? It does take courage. You never know what God is going to do. Ask him to use you. I have many more stories like this in my autobiography “By the Grace of God” at Amazon and Kindle.


  3. I have contacted Doug Waite by e-mail. I asked to have him pray for my tinnitus. It was driving me crazy. Doug asked the Lord to heal me. It did not take long for the intensity of my tinnitus to drop 50% ! I am still hopeful the Lord will heal me completely. Praise be to God !


  4. Two days ago at a local restaurant having breakfast. The waitress was having a hiccup attack. She said she has had them all her life, they hurt and sometimes last for days. I asked if I could put my hand on her shoulder and pray for her. She said yes. I prayed a simple prayer of healing in Jesus name. She hurried off to other patrons. I did not hear another hiccup the rest of the time I was there. As I was leaving I went to her and asked if she was better and she said, “Yes for now!” I told her Jesus had healed her because he loved her. I gave her my card and asked her to let me know how she was doing. Thank you Jesus for healing this young woman and doing it through me!


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